About Us

Union Strong Shirts was established in 2019 for the purpose of providing union-made shirts to union groups and organizations.  We are here to promote Labor Unions, and celebrate the hard-working American worker.

This is just the start.  We have big plans for our company that are beyond ink and American grown cotton. We are striving to not only become the go to Union Made clothing brand, but commemorate the past present and future of Labor Unions.

We are a small apparel company located in Cincinnati. Our employees are organized under CWA Local 4400.  Aside from apparel created by our in house union design staff, we also offer custom and bulk orders. If you need 1 or 10,000 shirts, we can handle it at a fair price and fast turnaround.

We are into shaking hands and not fists.

We are into brotherhood, comradery and standing up for the rights of the workforce in solidarity.

We are workweek craftsmen and weekend warriors.

We are into a 40 hour work.

We are into Family.

We are Union Strong Shirts.